2016 KAFM Art Interplay (click to visit)

A weeklong celebration of Grand Valley art, music and culture.

Regional artists, artisans and musicians are taking over the KAFM Community Radio building in Grand Junction for a week, from February 27th to March 5th. In a unique exhibition event entitled Gallery 88.1 – Art Interplay.

Gallery 88.1 – Art Interplay exhibition will involve more than seventy regional artists, artisans and musicians representing the best of Grand Valley art, music, food, wine and spirits. Each day of the exhibition will be a unique experience and interplay. For a complete schedule of artists, musicians and artisans appearing each day visit the event pages at the KAFM Community Radio website at www.kafmradio.org/a>.

TThe event will be held on the lower floor of the KAFM Community Radio building at 1310 Ute Avenue in Grand Junction. KAFM is using every channel available to highlight the art, music and flavors of the Grand Valley through Gallery 88.1 – Art Interplay, including live radio interviews, pages on their high traffic web site and the weeklong public art exhibition.

The public is invited to attend throughout the week to meet and interact with the artists, musicians and exhibitors. An art auction of exhibited works will take place on Saturday, March 5th , beginning at 7 PM. the closing night the exhibition. A minimum of 40% of auction proceeds from the art work will go to support KAFM Radio. Prebids can also be made during the week of exhibition./p>

"We’re so thankful for the support of our regional art community," noted Ramona Winkeller, the Executive Director of KAFM Community Radio. "Gallery 88.1 – Art Interplay exhibition will be an amazing event that allows us to provide 365 days of coverage for our regional art community."

Contact Brian Gregor at (970)2418801, extension 0 for more information about the Gallery 88.1 – Art Interplay event.